This course is designed to build your faith and your understanding of faith as illuminated in God’s Word. It deals with the concept of faith in God and His Word. Emphasis is placed on scriptural means to develop ever-increasing faith in God.  Objectives for this course include:

  • To know the scriptural definition of faith.
  • To know what faith can accomplish.
  • To understand the scriptures concerning faith.
  • To impart faith to the student.

This course helps the student identify the anointing of God in the Old and New Testaments and specifically in the life and ministry of Jesus. It will also help the student understand the anointing from God that is available for believers today.

This course examines the biblical principles of effective evangelism.  It will help the student develop evangelism as a lifestyle and examines how to maximize relational sharing in the lives of leaders and members.  Students will gain practical experience in evangelism through hands-on evangelism efforts.

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the ministry of helps, its Biblical basis and practical aspects.  Emphasis will be placed on the importance and value of serving in the Body of Christ and developing a proper attitude toward serving.

Course objectives for this course include: 

  • To understand the supernatural gift of helps
  • To understand the Biblical basis for the ministry of helps
  • To learn the diversity of gifts involved in the ministry of helps
  • To study the spiritual and natural attributes of a servant of God
  • To study Biblical examples of servants of God
  • To review some practical applications of the ministryof helps in the local church

This course is designed to explore the fundamental elements that are necessary to being a worshipper.  Through this course the student will:

  • process information as well as articulate biblical principles and concepts as they pertain to worship
  • understand the various elements of worship:  the place, the heart, the styles, the “why’s”, and the “how’s
  • investigate the differences between Old Testament and New Testament worship.
  • experience the concept of extemporaneous worship.
  • understand that worship is eternal
  • learn how to cultivate the heart of a worshipper.

This course provides the student with an understanding of the nature of Christian leadership. It is designed to help the student recognize, develop and refine the qualities or characteristics necessary to serve as a leader in the Body of Christ. This course includes a discussion of what it means to be called. It looks at Jesus’ model of leadership as well as other Biblical and modern models of leadership

This course is a continuation of THEO 1407.  Through this course, students will understand how God builds a person into a leader, how to recognize the proving ground of leadership in their life, how to develop strategic leadership skills and habits and becoming a passionate equipper of other leaders.

Prerequisite: THEO 1407